The Wine Cellar

Azienda Agricola Bianconi Susanna
Quality Production of Wine and Oil
Assisi – Italy

The Wine Cellar

In our wine cellar, hand-picked grapes are selected with care and exclusively from our own production. They are immediately worked, practicing techniques that guarantee the maximum genuineness: Since 2016, we have been producing one particular wine brand without the addition of Sulphite and for this reason we have called it “Absence”. This last project was born from the collaboration between our wine cellar and “The Wine Research Team”.

 The conversion to the organic has given a new impulse to our activity and we have celebrated it with a white wine that marks the new beginning: “ACCAPO” that means “from the start”.

Last but not the least, “Recanto” our top brand red wine has a different characteristic from all the other wine brands we produce. They are sharpened in Durmast barrels for 12 months.


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