Wines With No Added Sulphites

Azienda Agricola Bianconi Susanna
Quality Production of Wine and Oil
Assisi – Italy

Wines with no added Sulphites

At the base of our wine production there has always been one rule: To devote our full attention to the land, to the plant, to the grape to obtain a good quality product and continue the following production phases in the winery, lowering sulphite levels fully.
Since 2016, this direction has grown into something more realistic, we made our first “no added sulphites wine”.

 We started from the vineyard, cuddled, in part guided and in part indulged. With a healthy grape, selected through a handpicking process, mature at the right moment, these are the basis for a wine-making with no added sulphites.
During the phases of wine-making and aging special care must be taken: grapes are preserved for one night in a specific cold room below freezing temperature.
At later time, a 9 – 10 day fermentation takes place at a very precise temperature that varies between 22 and 23 Celsius degrees, to emphazise and make the most of fruity aromas.

A wine without sulfur has a dramatically different flavor characterized by olfactory and taste nuances. The added sulphites have as a contraindicated effect those of weaken the primary wine fragrance, in other words, those of fruit flavor; Making wines with no added sulphites means to optimize these flavors and meet them in a glass of wine in a natural way.


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