Once upon a time, there was a farmer named Nello Bianconi. Nello loved above all the land and he passed this passion on his children. Our history starts this way…

Azienda Agricola
Bianconi Susanna

Quality Production of Wine and Oil
Assisi – Italy


At the base of our wine production there has always been one rule: To devote our full attention to the land, to the plant, to the grape to obtain a good quality product and continue the following production phases in the winery, lowering sulphite levels fully.


Our company organizes only private tastings upon booking. On these occasions, we will be happy to spend the time with you describing you the particularities of our wines.


WRT is a group of companies that represents an Italian wine-making industry that believes in the value of scientific research and uses this to produce better and healthier wines so that wine continues to be both a modern and a century-old source of pleasure.

The Farming Business

The farming business Bianconi Susanna lies at the feet of the city of Assisi, this extraordinary position allows to enjoy a great feeling of calmness as well as to appreciate the full colors, the perfumes and the traditions of the green heart of Italy.

Our Family has always been proud of the country side culture that has been handed down from father to son, pushed from the love and from the passion for the land and for the wine, as a consequence we expanded the property up to reach a surface of 70 hectare, in which not only cereals and vegetables are grown but also a full production of grapevines and olive trees.

The Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is somewhat the fulcrum of the organic farm, where our work is concentrated and where the technology applied to a good agricultural practice allows us to get our wines.

Set up in 2000, our vineyard produces “Grechetto”, “Trebbiano”, “viogner”, “sangiovese” “merlot” and “cabernet sauvignon”.

We are one of the few manufacturing of the Dop (Denomination of Protected Origin) Assisi: particularly we produce three D.O.P. wines, which are Assisi Grechetto, Assisi Rosso and Giottesco (Assisi Merlot).

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